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Lighting Courses

The MSc in Light and Lighting at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London, is Europe’s flagship specialist graduate lighting course, producing highly trained graduates whose skills include research and project management. Participants come from diverse backgrounds and some students study part-time while employed in the lighting profession and industries. The Bartlett is also the only centre for lighting research in the UK. Few companies now have the luxury of an in-house laboratory, so Bartlett Lighting plays a vital role in providing specialist knowledge, advice and research for the UK’s lighting and building industries. LET’s funding helps to ensure that Bartlett Lighting remains fully staffed and resourced. For details click here.

The LIA Certificate is a three month course providing a basic level of education in lighting by home study, tutorials and a design workshop. It offers essential fundamental instruction for new entrants to the industry and those involved in maintenance, sale and specification of lighting equipment.

The LIA Advanced Certificate consists of three modules which are self-contained units, taken and assessed separately. Each module takes approximately three months, based on home study with tutorials and a workshop/laboratory day. It is necessary to pass two of the three modules to qualify for the award of the certificate.



The following courses include significant lighting design content:

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